July 14, 2023

Reduce TB cases, Phapros launches Pro TB 2 Daily Dose.

JAKARTA, July 14, 2023 - PT Phapros Tbk, a part of the State-Owned Pharmaceutical Holding, has launched one of its new products, namely Pro TB 2 Daily Dose. This product comes in a film-coated tablet form and is intended for TB patients. The launch of this product is one of Phapros' commitments to reduce TB cases in Indonesia and also to complete the range of antituberculosis drugs owned by Phapros.

Hadi Kardoko, the CEO of PT Phapros Tbk, stated that Pro TB 2 Daily Dose is an internal development of this publicly traded company with stock code PEHA.

"Pro TB 2 Daily Dose is our internal development, where the formula has been improved compared to the previous Pro TB 2, and it is expected that with this formula improvement, patient compliance with taking the medication can increase as it can be taken once daily. Whereas the previous formula had to be taken three times a week, and gradually, in the future, Pro TB 2 Daily Dose will replace its predecessor," he explained.

Hadi added that the launch of Pro TB 2 Daily Dose also demonstrates Phapros' commitment to reduce TB cases, as Indonesia ranks second in the world after India with the highest number of TB cases.

"Phapros products have strength in many therapeutic classes, one of which is antituberculosis drugs. As a form of our support in reducing TB cases in our homeland, we have a fairly complete range of antituberculosis drug products, and specifically for Pro TB 2 Daily Dose, we are targeting sales of more than eleven thousand units by the end of this year," he said.

Ririek Parwitasari, a member of the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) from Banyuwangi, explained that TB is a disease transmitted through droplet infection. A person with a positive mycobacterium in their sputum can transmit it to 20 people around them. It is crucial for a TB patient to undergo regular treatment until complete recovery for their own and others' well-being.

"The goal of TB treatment is to interrupt the source of infection, cure the patient, and prevent death from TB. It is predicted that there are 16 deaths per hour worldwide due to TB," she explained.

Indonesia ranks second in the world for the highest number of TB cases. The presence of HIV and diabetes mellitus cases further increases the number of TB patients in Indonesia.

"There is no doubt about our collective responsibility to reduce the morbidity rate due to TB. Indonesia has set the target of being TB-free by 2030. It is not just a mere hope but a goal we must strive to achieve. Various efforts are continuously being made, including treatment, case finding, and even preventive medication given to healthy individuals in close contact with TB patients," said the pulmonary specialist from RSUD Banyuwangi.

Currently, drug-resistant TB cases are also widespread. Additionally, a more potent vaccine for preventing TB than the existing ones has not been found yet. "There is still a need for extensive research to reduce and prevent TB. It is not only the responsibility of healthcare workers but also other members of the community," she concluded.