Whistleblowing System

Whistleblowing System manual and procedure refers to guideline for the Company people and Stakeholders to manage complaint on several issues related with fraud or violation against Code of Conducts, law, standard operating procedure, management policy and other regulations considered necessary, with loss/hazard potential to the Company including financial, environment, working condition, organization reputation, Stakeholders and others threats.

Policies and Scopes of Whistleblowing

The company always pays attention to the interests of stakeholders based on the principle of fairness and equality.

The company also realized that the lack of a standard mechanism to handle Whistleblowing by stakeholders may tarnish the Company’s reputation and credibility. Regulations set in the Guidelines and Procedures for Whistleblowing is an effort to protect stakeholders and to safeguard the Company’s reputation. With regard to the above, in the framework of the implementation of the guidelines and procedures, the Company considers that it is necessary to have a mechanism for Whistleblowing.

The scope of of whistleblowing includes the Company’s internal parties, from the Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, to employees at all level as well as the stakeholders.

Mechanism of Whistleblowing System

The Company has provided various media to accommodate the Stakeholders in submitting reports of fraud indication committed by the Company through following mechanism:

  • Via email whistleblowing@ptphapros.co.id
  • Telp/Whatsapp : ‎+62 821-3403-6624
  • Sent to the official address:
    PT Phapros, Tbk.
    Jalan Simongan 131
    Semarang 50147, Indonesia
    Fax [62-24] 760 5133