Communication Policy

The policy development of communication with shareholders, investors, and/or media aims to provide guidance for the company in communicating with its shareholders, investors, and/or media, and to provide information to them when they contact or establish communication or relationship with the company.

Information related to events, incidents, or facts that may affect the company's stock prices and/or decisions of shareholders or investors ("Material Information") will not be disclosed to the media before being communicated to the Financial Services Authority of Indonesia ("OJK") and the Indonesia Stock Exchange ("BEI"), in accordance with capital market regulations.

The communication between the company and its shareholders or the capital market community is intended to provide them with a proper understanding of the published information and to enable effective two-way communication. The communication policy with shareholders or the capital market community demonstrates the company's commitment to communicating with them.

To avoid disclosure and potential violations of disclosure regulations, the company does not provide interviews or exclusive information to the media, shareholders, or investors that contain Material Information that has not been disclosed to the public.

If there is a leakage of Material Information, the company will issue a release to the public through the BEI. If there is a rumor that contains Material Information in the media that is false or misleading and originates from the company, the company will also issue a release. Outside of that, the company will consider whether to confirm or deny rumors. Generally, the company does not comment on rumors in the market, regardless of whether the rumor is true or not. The delivery of information or confirmation will be selectively conducted and is based on the precautionary principle in order to be accountable to the public.