Risk Management

The management of PT Phapros, Tbk. committed to implement a Risk Management throughout the Company and every business process. This is reflected in the company's policy point 4 which read “To establish, implement and maintain risk management systems in company's operational activities.”

Implementation of risk management as an integral part of organizational processes provides benefits, among others :

  1. Reduce the shock (less favorable).
  2. Exploration and exploitation opportunities.
  3. Relationships with stakeholders are getting better.
  4. Improved Reputation.
  5. Protection of Directors and other officials.

Risk Management Framework

Mandates and commitments

This section describes the components of the risk management framework that is necessary and in relation to each other.

Risk Profile

Some of the main risks that have an important influence on the business activities, among others:

  1. Reputation Risk

These risks include lawsuits, consumer complaints, product recall, the possibility of sabotage of the product, and defamation. In the midst of fierce competition, where the company's image is important, reputation pollution is a risk that must be considered.

  1. Information Leakage Risk

In the passage of the enterprise business process, all information systems both internally and externally should be controlled. The risk of information leakage can also make the loss of a number of customers, but furthermore can disrupt business processes, the credibility and viability of the company.

  1. Risk Planning Activities Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Applicability of free market competition will further tighten Asian businesses, particularly the pharmaceutical industry. Venture capital needs at reasonable cost into one IPO planning considerations. Potential risks faced include the leakage of financial information, the determination of the stock price is not right, the stock price fell, the determination of underwriter.

  1. Risk Fluctuations in the exchange rate of the Rupiah against the US Dollar on the procurement of raw materials

Event raw materials in the pharmaceutical industry imports 90% done, sehinggal financial factors to be very important, especially in the form of foreign exchange. With it likely that the risk will occur difference in currency exchange rates and high risk for an increase in the value of the Cost of Production and a decrease in the profitability of the company.