May 21, 2021

Phapros Officially Opens New Head Office

PT Phapros Tbk which is one of the national pharmaceutical companies, inaugurated its new office on Jalan Imam Bonjol, Semarang, Central Java. This new office is a relocation of the previous Phapros office which is located in the Kota Lama area.

President Director of Phapros, Hadi Kardoko said that in the future Kota Lama will be used as a heritage tourism area and pedestrian path, so it will be more relevant if Phapros relocates to other locations to support the Semarang City Government program.

"In addition, this office relocation also aims to support the growth of Phapros in the future which is impossible to accommodate if it is still based in Kota Lama," he added.

 The man who has served as the President Director of Phapros since 2020 hopes that in the future, The Phaprosers (a reference for Phapros Employees) can increase their morale so that Phapros can grow even better.

The growth of Phapros (also known by the ticker name PEHA) has been acknowledged in its performance in the first quarter of 2021, where Phapros booked a convincing performance with the net profit increasing by Rp. 7.18 billion or growing by 254%, and the EBITDA increasing to Rp. 46.82 billion or by 465% ( yoy) after implementing a number of adaptive and innovative strategies in terms of products, finance, and marketing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“To continue improving its performance this year, Phapros has implemented various measures. In the marketing sector, for example, Phapros has shifted its product portfolio from initially relying on the travel sector with our flagship product, Antimo, to being more focused on multivitamin products and other products related to Covid-19. Also optimizing all channels that can be used in order to increase performance growth in the midst of the pandemic, including maximum use of e-commerce to boost the product performance," said Hadi Kardoko.

Hadi added that the most important approach is the strengthening of innovation and acceleration in the research and development division."These two steps taken by the company are the main factors in responding to the availability of national needs for products related to Covid-19, both promotive, preventive and curative. This is proven by the launch of several products related to Covid-19 last year. And we will continue adding them to the product pipeline in 2021," he added.