General Meeting of Shareholders

Shareholders are individuals or legal entities registered in the Register of Shareholders of the company as a shareholder of the company.

Shareholders gave a mandate to the Directors to carry out the maintenance or manage the company and to the Commissioner to oversee and provide advice in the implementation of the management of the company by the Board of Directors. The interests of shareholders collectively represented at the Annual General Meeting.

General Meeting of Shareholders is the organ of the company which holds the highest authority in the company and holds all authority that is not submitted to the Board or the Commissioner within the limits prescribed in the Act / Statutes.

Annual General Meeting is held by the company every year and every time based on the needs of the company or at the request of shareholders. General Meeting of Shareholders consists of:

  • Annual General Meeting to authorize the Annual Report which held no later than six (6) months after the fiscal year ends and the Annual General Meeting to authorize the Work Plan and Budget held 30 (thirty) days before the new accounting period beginning on or can be devolved to the BoC.
  • Extraordinary General Meeting is all Annual General Meeting held in addition to the Annual General Meeting, held at any time if required by the Board of Directors and / or the Commissioner and / or at the request of Shareholders.

Annual General Meeting to be held each year in a timely manner and in accordance with the requirements set out in legislation and the Articles of Association of the Company. While the Extraordinary General Meeting must also be held under the terms and can be implemented at any time based on the needs.