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In 2004, Phapros opened new horizons

In 2004, Phapros opened new horizons. Celebrating its golden anniversary, Phapros launched its new corporate identity that will assist Phapros pursuing a brighter future in the journey of its one-century-old. The new logo of Phapros which is more dynamic highlights its business philosophy that has brought Phapros to the higher level, from a small pharmaceutical company to becomes one of Indonesia's leading pharmaceutical company, with:

  1. The three circles represent company's major stakeholders; customers, shareholders, and   employees. These three circles symbolize that Phapros is also supported by the stakeholders and the existence of Phapros is to increase the value of those three major stakeholders, in order to move forward together to pursue a brighter future.
    In addition, three circles that looks floated also personifies a new idea, and the shadow symbolizes a strong foundation.

    The proximity between three circles symbolizes family values that shows a strong character that owned by Phapros' personnel since it was established and still counting.
  2. The blue color represents innovation, growth, persistence and wisdom. The gradation of red-yellow symbolizes courage and Phapros' dynamism.
  3. A simple typography uses to represent honesty without  leaving the strong image of. Phapros.
    The italic letter used by Phapros is to represent a modern and dynamic organization that will always move forward with an open mind, without leaving the harmony and balance.  The combination of typography and a circle as "O" letter represents a strong unity within the organization.

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