August 14, 2023

The Analysts Value Phapros' Revenue Growth Better Than Other Similar Companies.

Although hit by the pandemic in 2020 and experiencing a decrease in GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth, post-Covid-19, this figure has increased and is now in positive territory....

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July 27, 2023

Phapros records a growth of 14.9 percent in the Branded Pharmaceutical Products sector in the first half of 2023.

Phapros continues to target this year's performance to sustain growth. Some business lines that have been optimized this year are the sales of branded prescription drugs and exports....

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July 14, 2023

Reduce TB cases, Phapros launches Pro TB 2 Daily Dose.

Phapros is launching one of its new products, namely Pro TB 2 Daily Dose. This product comes in a film-coated tablet form and is intended for TB patients....

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June 21, 2023

69 Years of Phapros' Contribution to the Development of Indonesia's Pharmaceutical Sector

Phapros has achieved in terms of financial performance, contributions to society through the TJSL program, and the production of 500 million units of Blood Enhancing Tablets (TTD)....

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June 08, 2023

Public Expose: Phapros' (PEHA) 2023 Strategy Focuses on Innovative Business Development, Digitalization, and Human Resources Development

Phapros held its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for the 2022 fiscal year, followed by a public expose by the company...

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May 31, 2023

Phapros Expands Product Development Through Collaboration and Innovation

Phapros is currently undertaking product development initiatives through strategic collaborations with various parties, including its subsidiary PT Lucas Djaja, as well as domestic n global....

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