May 18, 2020

Phapros Distributes Multivitamins Bundles for News Media Crew

JAKARTA: PT Phapros Tbk (PEHA) handed over bundles of multivitamins to 50 news media crewmembers as  an effort to support the performance of the crew in order to stay healthy amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Physical endurance is the most vital aspect of ensuring a news reporter gets the job done in any means necessary. Furthermore, Information regarding the pandemic is the most awaited news by the community. The government also included the news media industry in one of the industries that are allowed to continue operating during this difficult time.

PT Phapros Tbk, a subsidiary of PT Kimia Farma Tbk, provided the assistance in the form of  multivitamins packages, each package consists of Becefort and Antimo Herbal as well as Cami-tizer Hand Sanitizer -manufactured by the subsidiary of PT Phapros Tbk, PT Lucas Djaja- to 50 media crewmembers in Jakarta and Central Java.

“As a form of our support fo fellow media colleagues who are still eager to work, specifically to report on developments of COVID 19 Pandemic, and during the month of Ramadan , we provide multivitamins and hand sanitizer products. We hope that the well-being of all working-hard crewmembers will be maintained properly, thus protected from various diseases, including Covid-19," said Director of PT Phapros Tbk Barokah Sri Utami in a press release.

Phapros will produce 1 million boxes of Becefort following an increase in demand during the corona virus pandemic or Covid-19. This product is the only product in Indonesia that contains vitamin C and vitamin E. Not only do these two vitamins prevent free radicals, but these two vitamins can also enhance the immune system to fight various types of diseases, including infectious diseases.

Phapros had also aided Central Java Provincial Government and Semarang City Government to eliminate the Covid 19 outbreak by providing 100 boxes of multivitamins, 100 liters of hand sanitizers and providing preventive education to local community regarding the use of cloth mask as an alternative to prevent the transmission of Covid-19.