June 01, 2020

Phapros to Produce 1 Million Boxes of Becefort

PT Phapros Tbk (PEHA) plans to produce 1 million boxes of Becefort. It is the only product in Indonesia that contains vitamin C and vitamin E, following a spiking increase in demand amid the corona virus pandemic or Covid-19.

In various research journals, the combination of vitamin C and vitamin E are effective enough not only to prevent free radicals, but also enhance the immune system to fight various types of diseases, including infectious diseases.

President Director of PT Phapros Tbk, Barokah Sri Utami - some of her trusted colleagues called her by the nickname “Emmy”- said that as of June 2020, it was estimated that the production of multivitamins reached 446,000 boxes. While in this month, the company will produce at least 30,000 boxes of Becefort.

Emmy explained that the has been made considering that people really have to take any kind of multivitamin product to increase their endurance so they can avoid various diseases, such as Covid-19.

"We have decided to increase the amount of production of one of our superior multivitamin products, Becefort, by 1 million boxes in 2020. As of April, Becefort has supplied 30,000 boxes, so at the end of June, it could reach 446,000 boxes, "Emmy said in a press release on Wednesday (22/4).

She further explained that before Becefort production had never reached this high. Last year, the production of Becefort only reached a few thousand boxes. Demand increased significantly after the corona virus pandemic.

“Vitamin D3 is meant for patients who have been exposed to the corona virus, because sunbathing is not enough to get a decent amount of vitamin needed. So this medicine will be needed as a supplementary diet. We will prepare 90,000 boxes more, "she added.

She pointed out that the challenges in producing these drugs are quite big. The reason is that rising prices for imported raw materials denominated in US dollars are becoming troublesome on companies, given the USD superiority in value compared to Rupiah.

Nevertheless, she remarked, Phapros has taken several actions to maintain turnover and profit growth in 2020.

Phapros has carried out social responsibility programs dedicated for the community in the vicinity of their operational areas affected by Covid-19, such as providing 100 multivitamin boxes and 100 liters of hand sanitizers to the Central Java Provincial Government and Semarang City Government , as well as educating handwashing with soap and using cloth masks as  alternative prevention of Covid-19 transmission.