January 31, 2018

National Meeting 2018 Gala Dinner

On Wednesday (31/1) afternoon, all the employees of Phapros got back to the hotel after joining amazing race Mount Bromo to prepare themselves attending gala dinner in the evening with “Army Look” dress code.

There are some interesting things happened in the gala dinner, one of them is that there is not only the participants who wore “army look” dress code, but the Bod and BoC also wore the same dress code, even they danced together with the singer who were invited to the event by the committee, such as D’Masiv Band, Andhika Mahesa (Ex – Kangen Band) and the rising star, Via Valen.

All participants seemed to enjoy the night by singing and dancing together as well as taking selfie with the stars. Based on the committee observation, a lot of Phapros employees were live on Instagram that night.

On the event, Phapros management also gave appreciation to the best medical reps/merchandizer, supervisor to area manager who excel in 2017 with the award “The best MR/Mdz, Spv, and AM”.