September 14, 2023

Supporting the Progress of MSMEs, Phapros Allocates Partnership Funds of Rp 2.5 Billion

Jakarta, September 14, 2023 - PT Phapros Tbk disburses partnership funds amounting to Rp 2.5 billion for 67 micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) up to the third disbursement conducted today, as a commitment to the implementation of the Corporate Social Responsibility and Environment program. The disbursement of these partnership funds took place in Phapros' operational area in Semarang, Central Java.

Ida Rahmi Kurniasih, the Director of Production at Phapros, who was present at the event, stated that the distribution of these partnership funds is expected to serve as a stimulus to encourage MSME partners in developing their businesses.

"From the funds we allocate each year for MSMEs, we aim for these MSMEs to progress, in line with the 'MSMEs Level Up' program owned by the Kimia Farma Group. In this program, MSME partners are curated again, selected based on their willingness to learn for the advancement of their businesses, the uniqueness and competitiveness of their products, so that they will be given continuous training, ranging from marketing techniques, packaging design, to assistance in obtaining halal certification from BPJPH of the Ministry of Religion," said Ida.

Ida also added that it is important for MSMEs to keep up with digitalization by utilizing digital marketing through available social media platforms or e-commerce to reach a larger target market.

On the other hand, the Head of the Cooperative and MSME Department of Central Java Province, Eddy S. Bramiyanto, stated that during the Covid-19 pandemic or in the last three years, MSMEs have helped keep the economy of Central Java moving.

"At that time, the economy of Central Java experienced negative growth, so we from the Local Government had to find ways to keep the community's economy running. In the end, we allocated a portion of the local budget to assist MSME entrepreneurs. Amidst various limitations, we also highly appreciate the contribution and collaboration made by the state-owned, regional-owned, and private sectors to support the progress of MSMEs, especially in Central Java. Because of the contributions of these sectors, the economy of Central Java can now rise again," he said.

Eddy also advised that the revolving funds disbursed by Phapros today should be used to the best of their potential and only for business purposes, nothing else.

The event for the disbursement of partnership funds was then closed with a sharing session with one of the MSME partners, a klanceng bee farmer and klanceng bee product producer named Partono from Jepara, who has achieved more in his business, namely participating in the G20 Summit in the country in 2022. The process of being selected as a G20 Summit delegation souvenir was not easy, as it had to be curated first, from packaging and licensing such as PIRT and halal product assurance certificates. He is the initiator of the Klanceng Honey MSME in Jepara. Klanceng Honey itself comes from small-sized klanceng bees that produce honey with a distinctive sour and sweet taste. The texture of this honey is also more liquid compared to other types of honey. In this sharing session, Partono explained that joining as a Phapros-supported MSME partner has its own benefits for him. Besides obtaining capital assistance and market networks, this program can also embrace more klanceng beekeepers.