September 22, 2015

Summary of Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders PT Phapros Tbk. 2015

PT Phapros Tbk. (henceforth shall be called "Company") hereby announce to all Shareholders that the Company had held Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholder (henceforth shall be called "Meeting") on Friday, September 18 2015, at 09.41 WIB until 09.52 WIB in Ratna 2 Room Puri Denpasar Hotel, Jl. Denpasar Selatan No. 1 Kuningan 12950 Jakarta.

Changes in the Company's Management Structure
The Meeting is attended by these following Members of the Board of Commissioners and Members of the Board of Directors

Board of Commissioners
- Dandossi Matram (Chief Commissioner)
- Fasli Djalal (Independent Commissioner)
- Masrizal Achmad Syarief ( Commissioner)

Board of Directors
- Iswanto (President Director)
- Budi Ruseno (Financial Director)
- Barokah Sri Utami (Production Director)
- Syamsul Huda (Marketing Director)

The meeting is attended by shareholders and/or their representatives that represent 110.306.576 (one hundred ten million three hundred six thousand five hundred seventy six) shares, or 65,66 % from 168.000.000 (one hundred sixty eight million) shares that the Company issued.
The Meeting was led by Dandossi Matram as the Chief Commissioner of the Company based on the Meeting of the Board of Commissioner on September 14, 2015
Shareholders and/or their representatives had been given chance to raise question opinion, suggestion or advice in relation with the Meeting Agenda that was discussed, and had been recorded in the Minutes of Meeting that were made by Notary Riyad SH.

Meeting Agenda Number: 1
Total Shareholders and/or Their Representatives That Raise Question or Suggestion: 1
Decision-Making Mechanism: General Consensus


1. Honorably Discharge Mr. Dandossi Matram as the Chief Commissioner of the Company with utmost gratitude for all of his contribution, effort, and thinking during his term of office.

2. Appoint Mr. Mochammad Yahya Adiya as Chief Commissioner of the Company; Therefore the structure of the Board of Commissioners PT Phapros Tbk is as follows :
- Mochammad Yana Aditya as Chief Commissioner;
- Masrizal Achmad Syarief as Commissioner
- Fasli Djalal as Independent Commissioner

3. Terms of office for the Chief Commissioner which were appointed by the extraordinary general meeting of
Shareholders is in effect starting after the Meeting is closed until the end of the other Board of Commissioner
member's term, until 2019.

4. The suggestion to change the Board of Commissioner's structure have also been asked for approval to the
Minister of Government Owned Business as the majority shareholders PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia (PT RNI) hence it had complied with the rules of Ministry of Government Owned Business or Government Company

This Announcement of the Minute of Meeting is done to comply with Rules of Financial Services Authority No. 32/POJK.04/2014 about Planning and Executing General Meeting of Shareholders of Public Company, and also to comply with the Rules of Financial Services Authority No. 33/POJK.04/2014 about Director and Board of Commissioners of Emitter or Public Company.

This Announcement is also published in the Company's website

Board of Directors