March 30, 2017

Public Information Disclosure

Announcement of information disclosure to public in accordance with Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan) Regulation No. IX. E.2 about Material Transactions and Alteration of Main Business Activities.

On March 24, 2017, PT Phapros Tbk has signed Publishing Agreement and Designation of Medium Term Notes (MTN) Monitoring Agent I Phapros 2017 made by Notary Leolin Jayanti, S.H., Notary in Jakarta.

Particular provisions stipulated in the agreement, as follows:

The Parties :

- PT Phapros Tbk as Publisher;
- PT Danarakesa Sekuritas as Arranger;
- Marsinih Martoatmodjo Iskandar Kusdihardjo (MMIK) Law Firm as Law Consultant;
- PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) as Monitoring Agent;
- Leolin Jayayanti, S.H., as Notary;
- PT Pemeringkat Efek Indonesia (Pefindo) as Rating Agency;

The Principal Amount of MTN : In the amount of Rp,- (two hundred billion Rupiah), which will be paid in full (bullet payment) at due date of MTN;

Time Period of MTN : 2 (two) years from Issuance Date;
The interest rate range : 9,50% (nine point fivel zero percent);
Tender Price : 100,00% (one hundred percent) from MTN
nominal value;
Transder Unit : Rp 1,- (one Rupiah) or multiples;
Yield Ranking : idA- (A Minus, Stable Outlook) from Pefindo;

Fund Application Planning : Fund application obtained from MTN Limited Offer, after deducting the costs of MTN issuance, will be used for working capital, investment and refinancing.

Assurance : MTN is not secured by any specific assurance but secured by all assets of the Company in the form of chattels or immovable, either existing or that will exist in the future in accordance with the provisions of Article 1131 and Article 1132 Indonesian Civil Code. The rights of MTN's holder is paripassu without preference to the creditor rights of the other Company in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Minimum Ordering Amount : MTN Purchase Order must be made in an amount of at least Rp 5.000.000,- (five million Rupiah) and/or multiples.
Interest Coupon Payment : Quarterly.
Schedule : Public Offering Period : March 27, 2017 Payment Date to the Company : March 30, 2017
MTN Distribution Date Electronically at KSEI : March 30, 2017

The transaction value is 32.15% of the equity of the Company by the Financial Statements 2016 Audited by Public Accounting Firm Paul Hadiwinata, Hidajat, Arsono, Achmad, Suharli & Partners dated February 17, 2017.

The funding necessity for working capital, investment and refinancing.

The emergence of finance expense in the form of interest expense at 9.5% and related costs derived from MTN issuance.

For more information pertaining above information, please contact during business hours:
Main Office:
PT Phapros Tbk
Gedung RNI
Jl. Denpasar Raya Kav.DIII
Kuningan - Jakarta 12950
Telp. (021) 527 6263 Fax (021) 520 9381