July 14, 2015

PT Phapros, Tbk's Commitment on The Prohibiton of Gratification To All Phapros Personnels

As a commitment in implementing the principles of Good Corporate Governance in accordance with Business Ethic and Work Ethic, it is hereby notified that The Board of Commissioners, The Board of Directors and Phapros employees are strictly prohibited to directly or indirectly give and accept gifts or any form of other gratifications from and to all stakeholders as well as other parties that has a good relationship with PT Phapros, Tbk.

Those who are aware of violation of PT Phapros, Tbk commitment can report the case through the Whistleblowing System whistleblowing@phapros.co.id or send your mail to following official address:

PT Phapros, Tbk
Jalan Simongan 131
Semarang 50147, Indonesia
Fax (62-240 760 5133

We would like to thank stakeholders and all parties that support the implementation of Good Corporate Governance by PT Phapros, Tbk.

Jakarta, July 14th 2015

PT Phapros, Tbk