December 18, 2017

Phapros To Distribute Rp 2 Billion Of Partnership Fund

SEMARANG, 18 December 2017 – PT Phapros, Tbk, which is still a subsidiary of PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia (Persero) distributed the 3rd  phase of partnership fund in 2017 at Neo Hotel, Semarang on Monday (18/12).

This program is one of Phapros’ commitment to develop the ability of small and medium enterprises in order to be independent and can encourage the economic growth as well as to increase the job opportunity in various area across Central Java and Yogyakarta.

President Director of PT Phapros, Tbk, Barokah Sri Utami (Emmy) said that, with this program Phapros expects the partners to gain an ability to develop market and ease of access to capital acquisition.

“The total fund that we distributed in the 3rd phase is Rp 2 billion that captured 12 prospective partners from Semarang, 1 prospective partner from Jepara, 6 prospective partner from Magelang, 1 prospective partner from Solo, 2 prospective partners from Rembang, and 2 prospective partners from Kudus. Therefore, there are 25 prospective partners who received our soft loan. Their businesses are ranging from food industry, batik, and others,” Emmy said.

Emmy also added that since 1997, the total partnership fund that has been distributed reached up to Rp 27 billion with 193 active partners.

This event also followed by a simple bookkeeping as well as how to use SMS banking training from Bank Mandiri. Those trainings are a form of Phapros’ concern to its SME partners. The goal is to be able to help those small and medium entrepreneurs to control their financial condition by raising awareness of the importance of the separation of the company’s finance with personal finance.

This partnership fund distribution event followed by various training, such as a simple bookkeeping, how to use the SMS banking of Bank Mandiri and risk management. The goal is to be able to help entrepreneurs in the business of financial control is practiced, by raising awareness of the importance of the separation of the company with personal finance.

In addition, the trainings also aim in order to facilitate the partners to obtain financing from banks, as one of the main requirements of SMEs can obtain financing from banks is a good financial bookkeeping.

Phapros also continue to facilitate the existence of the partners to participate in various exhibitions of SMEs both at local and national level as Inacraft which is regularly held once a year.