January 29, 2018

National Meeting 2018 Opening Ceremony

Surabaya – New year is a new hope for everyone, including for all the employees of Phapros across Indonesia. On 29 January to 1 February, Phapros held national meeting at Mercure Hotel, Surabaya to consolidate vision, mission and target in 2018.

The first day of national meeting which was held on 29 January was only participated by all marketing divisions that are divided into OTC, OGB, and Ethical units. On the second day, the rest employees from all departments gradually came to Surabaya to attend the national meeting opening ceremony by the President Director of Phapros, Barokah Sri Utami in the ballroom.

On her speech Emmy appreciated the performance of all Phapros employees, so that the revenue target as much as Rp 1 trillion can be achieved in 2017. Phapros’ President Commissioner, M. Yana Aditya also added that the success of 2017 should be a whip for all Phapros employees to achieve more in 2018.

The event was then continued by the presentation delivered by Phapros’ Production and Finance Director as well as coffee break prior to the preparation to Bromo trip in the evening.