December 04, 2018

Disclosure of Information PT Phapros Tbk

Disclosure of Information that made public, in order to comply with the Regulation of Financial Services Authority concerning Disclosure of Material Information or Facts by Emitent or Public Company.



On 30 November 2018, the Company has executed the deeds of transfer of share between the Company, as the buyer, with each of Fisianty Harahap, Rostiany Harahap, and Masniari Harahap as (“hereninafter referred as the Sellers”) with regard to the sale and purchase of the Sellers’ shares in PT Lucas Djaja (“PTLD”).


The main provisions governed in the deeds of transfer of share are as follows:



1.  Fisianty Harahap;

2.  Rostiany Harahap;

3.  Masniari Harahap; and

4.  Company,

the shareholders of PTLD,

(hereinafter referred as the “Parties”).



Information stated in this Disclosure of Information made to fulfil Company’s obligation in publishing the information concerning the sale and purchase of shares equivalent to 35,22% share between the Company and the Sellers which cumulatively in the amount of 51.800.778 (fifty-one million eight hundred thousand seven hundred seventy-eight) shares with the aggregate nominal value of Rp51.800.778.000 (fifty-one billion eight hundred million seven hundred and seventy-eight Rupiah).

The transaction value is in the amount of Rp123.254.548.468 (one hundred and twenty-three billion two hundred fifty-four million five hundred forty-eight thousand four hundred and sixty-eight Rupiah).

Therefore, the Company is the current holder of 132.703.677 (one hundred and thirty-two million seven hundred three thousand six hundred and seventy-seven) shares in the capital structure  of PTLD, with the aggregate nominal value of Rp132.703.677.000 (one hundred and thirty-two million seven hundred three thousand six hundred seventy-seven Rupiah) equivalent to 90,22% of all issued and paid-up capital.



Developing the inorganic business in 2018 with several benefits, i.e.:

  • to increase production capacity accordance to the National Welfare Security;
  • in furtherance of the production facility owned by the Company, additional production facility for generic product;
  • to produce finished product with more competitive price.



Give rise to the financial burden derived from the transaction pursuant to the payment agreed by the Parties.


For further information regarding the abovementioned, please reach the Company on business days from [09.00 AM – 04.00 PM] with address at:



PT Phapros Tbk

Corporate Secretary

Gedung RNI

Jl Denpasar Raya Kav.DIII

Kuningan - Jakarta 12950

Telp. (021) 527 6263 Fax (021) 520 9381




Jakarta, 4 December 2018