October 19, 2022

Antimo 50 Years, Makes Travel Comfortable

JAKARTA - On Wednesday (19/9), PT Phapros Tbk, one of the members of the State-Owned Pharmaceutical Holding, celebrated the golden anniversary of one of its superior products, Antimo. In commemoration of Antimo's 50th anniversary, Phapros presented various strategies that have been implemented so that Antimo can still exist at its age of half a century. One of the strategies carried out is to collaborate with transportation SOE stakeholders, such as PT KAI (Persero), PT PELNI (Persero), Perum DAMRI, and PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) to synergize in strengthening the core business aspects of each SOE, especially related to engagement and positioning for cross-generational travelers who are the main customers, so that Antimo can continue to accompany the travels of its main customers, Generation Z and millennials, on various modes of transportation.

This event was also the culmination of a series of social activities that have taken place previously, such as providing assistance for the treatment of hydrocephalus patients in collaboration with the Anne Avantie Foundation, providing education assistance to elementary school students on several remote islands in Indonesia, as well as customer gatherings with Pareto outlets/customers on the Phinisi ship as a form of appreciation for their contributions as loyal Antimo customers.

According to Phapros' Marketing Director Imelda Alini Pohan, one of the success factors in maintaining Antimo for half a century is that the company remains focused on targeting the travel convenience segment, namely Indonesians who often experience motion sickness. With this consistency, the product has become one of the company's product champions and has made a significant contribution to Phapros' sales performance.

"We are very grateful for what one of our flagship products, Antimo, has achieved at this time. This product is the result of our internal development. As a brand that targets a fairly sharp segment, we have successfully recorded sales growth of more than 100% in the first semester of this year, especially since the reopening of tourism and homecoming. Going forward, Phapros will continue to expand the market," she said in Jakarta (19/10).

As a product that dominates more than 90% of the anti-motion sickness drug market in Indonesia and also contributes 12.5% to the company's annual sales, Imelda said that Antimo's performance is closely related to Indonesia's tourism industry. According to her, millennials currently dominate the tourism market both in Indonesia and globally. Based on data from the Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar), millennial travelers will continue to grow and become the main market. It is projected that in 2030, 57% of the tourism market in Asia will be dominated by millennial travelers aged between 15-34 years.

"They will become Antimo's and Phapros' other Pareto products' market share in 2023. Going forward, we will also launch several new products with innovative dosage forms to complement the segment of over-the-counter products we have, so that we can meet the needs of all generations, from children to the elderly and millennials."

According to her, Antimo's survival as a market leader is the result of Phapros' ability to adapt to the development of the times, including consumer trends, technological advancements, and new discoveries in the pharmaceutical industry. To strengthen this positioning, Phapros also signed an MoU today with transportation SOEs, such as PT KAI (Persero), PT PELNI (Persero), Perum DAMRI, and PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero), so that Antimo can continue to accompany travelers from Generation Z and millennials anytime and anywhere.

"We remain committed to contributing through the launch of research-based health products and tools, as well as collaborating with other institutions in innovation. The company will continue to aggressively expand its market by partnering with distributors to enter areas where Phapros product penetration is still low.

In 2023, Phapros will continue to focus on new product innovation and efficiency, including making commercial excellence, operational excellence, financial excellence, and digitization part of the advanced strategy from this year.

"Phapros will continue to maintain the positive growth momentum of 2022. Our economic trend is starting to move again and has a positive impact on the company's performance, including the recovery of some of Phapros' Pareto products that declined during the pandemic. As part of the BUMN Pharmaceutical holding company that is committed to green manufacturing and has obtained various certifications such as ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, and Halal Assurance System, we are optimistic that next year the corporation will be stronger fundamentally and in market reach," he concluded."