February 13, 2023

Support of infrastructure and facilities for De Bong Snack

The Dunia Snack Bongsari program was established in 2022 with the target of SME groups in RW 2 Bongsari Village, consisting of 10 members with the group name "De Bong Snack". The types of snacks currently produced include onion sticks, shredded beef dumplings, peanut snacks, and various flavored dumplings. The production results have been marketed at the Menjangan Enam Simongan and Imam Bonjol Cooperatives and have participated in several exhibitions. The Dunia Snack Bongsari group still requires guidance to improve the product quality and program development. To support this, TJSL Phapros provided support in the form of complete infrastructure and facilities such as pans, oil strainers, food clamps, packaging stickers/labels, date stamps, and MMT to be installed in the production house. It is hoped that in the future, this SME group can compete with other businesses and become more successful.