May 09, 2022

Sales Increase by 19% in Q1 2022, Phapros Continues 2021 Growth Performance.

JAKARTA - As we enter 2022, the financial performance of pharmaceutical company PT Phapros Tbk is showing positive signals with a 19% increase in net sales in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021. According to CEO Hadi Kardoko, this performance is also the result of the pharmaceutical industry's growth in 2021, which reached 10.81%. The improvement of the national economy, specifically in the pharmaceutical sector, has had a positive impact on the company's performance in 2022.

"Of course, this achievement is the result of the hard work of all employees of the company, as well as the support of Phapros stakeholders and shareholders," he said when contacted in Jakarta (29/4).

"In 2021, our performance was also quite encouraging. Although our national economy was still slowing down due to the pandemic, the company managed to increase net sales by 7.23% in 2021 compared to 2020. This growth was a great achievement for us who were still struggling against the economic crisis caused by the Corona outbreak."

According to Hadi, although the company's assets decreased by 4% compared to 2020, other financial performances were quite encouraging, as seen from the 2021 cash ratio which also increased by 122% compared to the previous year. This indicates that the company has a good amount of cash to pay its obligations.

"Phapros also has a performance that is recognized by other parties as a result of the hard work of all parties in the company. Last year, we managed to receive 9 awards and 6 certifications, including a 40% increase in social responsibility allocation compared to 2020," he added.

The company's internal condition throughout 2021 showed maximum performance to meet the expectations of stakeholders, and the company successfully closed 2021 by improving positive financial and non-financial performance.

"The challenge of implementing a comprehensive sustainability strategy is the management of synergy with stakeholders widely to support business strengthening and development. We have anticipated this through management efforts that focus on sustainable partnerships based on mutually reinforcing and beneficial value exchanges. These efforts have had a positive impact in improving the company's competitiveness, image, product brand, sustainability, and operational smoothness," he concluded.