June 08, 2023

Public Expose: Phapros' (PEHA) 2023 Strategy Focuses on Innovative Business Development, Digitalization, and Human Resources Development

JAKARTA, June 8, 2023 - PT Phapros Tbk, which is part of the larger family of State-Owned Pharmaceutical Holding, held its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for the 2022 fiscal year, followed by a public expose by the company, inviting shareholders, prospective investors, and the media to present the company's achievements in 2022 and the strategies for 2023.

According to the President Director of PT Phapros Tbk, Hadi Kardoko, the company achieved a commendable financial and non-financial performance in 2022. The company saw an 11% increase in sales and a significant year-on-year profit growth of 143% across various product categories, including over-the-counter products, prescription drugs, generic drugs, and medical devices.

"2022 was a year of expansive growth for us. Through market expansion, product innovation, increased production, and more, we achieved positive performance compared to the previous year. The key factors behind our success were cost efficiency across all aspects through operational effectiveness. Additionally, we focused on business excellence, organizational excellence, and digitalization," he stated.

In addition to the fantastic performance in terms of profit growth and sales, Phapros also demonstrated robust cash and cash equivalents growth, which increased by 57% at the end of 2022 compared to 2021.

"Considering the sharp increase in performance last year, we are confident that in 2023, PEHA will grow even stronger in terms of financials and market opportunities, thereby providing better returns for shareholders, investors, employees, and other stakeholders."

"Last year, we also launched 12 new products in the anti-hypertensive, antibiotic, anti-emetic, and multivitamin therapy classes. Furthermore, in the medical devices segment, we collaborated with RSUD Dr. Soetomo Surabaya to develop a research-based powdered bone filler for dental implants. With the increasing demand from the public and medical professionals for quality medicines, Phapros also contributes by releasing new research-based products."

"This year, the company will focus on portfolio optimization, subsidiary optimization, and marketing operational enhancements. Additionally, we will strengthen the company's financial position and foster collaboration and synergy with strategic partners to support innovative business development," Hadi added.

Digital transformation and human resources development are also integral parts of the company's grand strategy for 2023, including operational transformation through supply chain and production digitalization, as well as optimizing sales through ongoing e-commerce efforts.

During the Annual General Meeting for the 2022 fiscal year held today, the company with stock code PEHA also declared a dividend of 40% of the company's profits, amounting to Rp13.37 per share. This dividend payout is higher than the 2021 fiscal year, which was Rp7.9 per share, representing a 68% increase. Additionally, the company made changes to its management board. Based on the results of today's meeting, it was decided to change the position of the Marketing Director and add a new nomenclature. Therefore, the current management board structure is as follows:

Board of Commissioners:

Chairman of the Board of Commissioners: Maxi Rein Rondonuwu

Commissioner: Masrizal Achmad Syarief

Independent Commissioner: Chrisma Aryani Albandjar

Independent Commissioner: Bimo Wijayanto

Board of Directors:

President Director: Hadi Kardoko

Director of Finance, Risk Management, and Human Resources: David Sidjabat

Director of Marketing: Maraja Jeson Siregar

Director of Production: Ida Rahmi Kurniasih

Director of Institutional Relations: Nurtjahjo Walujo Wibowo