Investor Information

Agustus 12, 2015

Announcement of The Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders 2015

In accordance with the letter received that request Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholder (here under shall be called as "Meeting") from PT. Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia (Persero) as the majority of shareholder PT. Phapros Tbk....

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Juli 14, 2015

PT Phapros, Tbk's Commitment on The Prohibiton of Gratification To All Phapros Personnels

As a commitment in implementing the principles of Good Corporate Governance in accordance with Business Ethic and Work Ethic...

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Mei 21, 2015

Summary of Annual General Meeting of Shareholder PT. Phapros Tbk. Fiscal Year 2014

PT. Phapros Tbk. (herewith under shall be called “Company”), hereby announcing to all shareholders that the Company had held The Annual General Meeting of Shareholder...

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April 29, 2015

Call For General Meeting of Shareholders of PT Phapros Tbk. Fiscal Year 2014

The Board of Directors of PT Phapros, Tbk. (“the Company”) is pleased to invite shareholders to attend the General Meeting of Shareholders (“the Meeting”) that will be held on:...

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April 14, 2015

Announcement For Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of PT Phapros, Tbk Fiscal Year 2014

Hereby notified to the Shareholders of PT PHAPROS, Tbk. ("The Company") that the company will conduct Annual General Meeting of Shareholders...

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