In line with efforts to improve the quality of management and performance of the company, PT Phapros Tbk has been committed to making good corporate governance as a device that underlies the company's management practices. To support this, the value system is needed to encourage and be the glue of the individual companies. The value system is documented in a Code of Conduct, which is a standard code of conduct for all individuals at PT Phapros Tbk in implementing the tasks and interaction with stakeholders, in accordance with ethical standards, culture, integrity, regulatory compliance and professionalism, as well as maintaining the image of the company outside the workplace, in accordance with the norms prevailing in society.

Code of Conduct is an important instrument for companies to determine the attitude and ethical behavior expected of the individual companies, ranging from the Board of Commissioners, Directors, and all employees, which is a direct reflection of the company's image for stakeholders.

The purpose of the Code of Conduct Implementation are:

  1. To provide certainty on the action which must be adhered to by the Company’s individuals, allowing order in the management of the Company.
  2. To be the criteria for assessing compliance or deviations in behavior.
  3. To create a healthy and comfortable atmosphere in the Company’s internal environment.
  4. To encourage the Company’s individuals to always act professionally and ethically as well as to prevent himself from actions that violate the law.
  5. To encourage improvements in the quality of service, which ultimately will improve the Company’s reputation.

The successful implementation of the Code of Conduct within the work unit is the responsibility of all supervising employees [Managers, Assistant Managers, and Staffs]. To that end, all supervising employees are responsible to provide an understanding on the implementation of the Code of Conduct to employees in their respective work units. As part of the efforts to instill employees with the understanding of the Code of Conduct, then:

  1. The Company formed a Corporate Governance Team to ensure the implementation of the Code of Conduct.
  2. The Code of Conduct is disseminated to all employees through supervising employees, so it can be understood and implemented properly, appropriately, and truthfully.
  3. Every employee receives a copy of the Code of Conduct modules and signs a statement that the copy has been received, understood, and agreed to comply with.
  4. Code of Conduct is an integral part of the PKB, so that every employee should be aware that noncompliance to the Code of Conduct may affect the results of the performance assessment and his/ her career as the Company’s employee.
  5. Every year, the form with statement accepted, understood, and agreed to abide by the Code of Conduct must be updated and signed by each employee.
  6. The Corporate Governance Team is responsible for documenting the statement forms signed by the employee.

Every employee Phapros being has a responsibility towards the successful implementation of the Code of Conduct in everyday activities. One form of responsibility is about being prepared to report any act of another employee or co-worker who is believed to be a violation of the Code of Conduct and deliver any irregularities fact he knew to work unit leader.


Code of Conduct